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Month: June 2013

Water safety in the Summer

It’s HOT and everyone wants to cool down! What’s better in the summer than a trip to the beach? It’s fun for all ages, but certain precautions should be observed to ensure a safe as well as enjoyable time. Know the terrain – the depth of the pool, drop offs in a lake, currents in …

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Poison Ivy

“Leaves of three, let it be.” You may be familiar with this expression which describes the appearance of poison ivy, but if you are not, you will want to be aware of this plant, as touching or brushing against it can cause a very uncomfortable itchy rash. Poison Ivy can grow as a shrub or …

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Fun in the Sun

Summer is the time to be outside, whether you enjoy sports, walking, running, swimming or sitting on the porch with a good book. A few simple steps can enhance warm weather pleasure and minimize the possibility of injury or illness. We have heard these before, but they are always worth reviewing. Respect the power of …

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