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Snow Related Injuries

There has been substantial snow fall in Massachusetts with more on the way. We want to offer some tips to avoiding injuries when it comes to shoveling or driving in the snow.

  • Make sure you are using a shovel properly. Hold as intended and do not excessive amounts
  • Do not push yourself. When you try to do more than your body can handle, you are more prone to injury
  • Avoid twisting your body. Lift with your legs and frequently change sides.
  • Dress warm and in layers. Change into dry clothes if clothes become wet.
  • Warm up your muscles as you would before any exercise. Stiff muscles are injury prone.

If driving in snow, use these precautions:

  • Clear all ice and snow from your car. IT’S THE LAW! You may be pulled over and ticketed if you do not do so.
  • Observe speed limits. Often times Massachusetts lowers the speed limit on highways during snow storms.
  • Watch out for black ice and remember that bridges freeze before road so use caution.
  • Allow for ample braking space. Snow and ice make it harder to stop so you should travel further way from other vehicles than normal.
  • If you have car troubles, pull over to the side of the road with hazard lights on and stay with your vehicle.

If you happen to become injured this winter, your friends at AFC Urgent Care in Watertown can treat you in our walk in facility in a fraction of the time of the local ER and for a fraction of the cost. Our center is staffed with board certified doctors, medical assistants, and x-ray technicians. Visit us today at 376 Arsenal St in Watertown or call 617-923-2273.