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Pneumonia is an infection which affects the lungs. It is typically accompanied by a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing. Illness can be anywhere from mild to severe. Severe pneumonia is most likely to affect older adults, babies, and those already sick.

Diagnosis involves a complete examination and a chest x-ray or blood test. Pneumonia is treatable, often times with an antibiotic. It is recommended to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. To alleviate symptoms, use a cough medicine. If necessary, doctors can prescribe a stronger cough medicine.

Pneumonia is often common after a bout of illness such as the flu, cold, measles, or chicken pox. Use caution around those with these illnesses and receive vaccines if applicable. Always wash your hands often and use alcohol based hand sanitizer

If you feel you may have pneumonia, you can avoid the long wait at the ER or for a doctor’s appointment by visiting AFC Urgent Care in Watertown MA. Our board-certified doctors can diagnose and treat you same day. We have x-ray and lab equipment on site. Visit us today at 376 Arsenal St in Watertown MA or call 617-923-2273