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March is National Nutrition Month

avocados are a super foodThe Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrate March as the National Nutrition Month. This initiative spreads awareness regarding the health benefits of maintaining a healthy diet, while also educating Americans about the negative effects of eating unhealthy foods. National Nutrition Month additionally illustrates the positives of working out regularly and practicing healthy lifestyle habits.

Having National Nutrition Month fall during a time of the year when most of us have long ditched our New Years resolutions is fitting, as it gives us the opportunity to start fresh. If you’ve managed to stick to your New Years resolution to this point, then let National Nutrition Month behave as an extra boost of motivation to keep you going moving forward.

Here are a few ways for you to celebrate National Nutrition Month:

  1. Exercise on a Daily Basis: While dragging yourself to the gym may seem undesirable, you don’t have to commit to a gym membership if you hate the gym. Let exercise be something you look forward to, so instead of going to the gym, try hiking, boxing classes, pick-up basketball or riding your bike.
  2. Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water helps speed up your metabolism and also alleviates cramps, headaches and muscle soreness. While nutritionists vary in their recommended daily intake, try drinking one gallon of water every day, you won’t regret it!
  3. Change Your Diet: Although changing your diet can seem daunting, you don’t have to change it dramatically. At first, try something simple, like staying away from frozen foods or fast food. Then, try to stay along the perimeter of your grocery store instead of going into the aisles. This will ensure that you’re only eating fresh fruits, vegetables meats and produce, as the aisle is where you will find premade foods, soda or chips, which are high in chemicals. Aim to try and cook for yourself everyday at some point, as you will then be more aware of the foods you’re eating.
  4. Improve Your Eating Habits: Even if you’re eating healthy foods, you can still have an unhealthy eating schedule or habits. This could include eating late at night, undereating, overeating or skipping meals entirely. Many think skipping breakfast will help them shed weight, but in reality, breakfast speeds up your metabolism and also gives you the energy you need to be productive at your job or studies.

For more nutritional advice, follow along with our blog or visit our center, where we can provide you with cholesterol and blood pressure checks. Knowing your body is an important first step in improving your diet and overall health.

Call us at 617.923.2273 for more information, or check-in online to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you celebrate National Nutrition Month!