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The Best Use Cases for Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers provide a fantastic healthcare resource for local communities: fast, affordable, and convenient medical service.

Many urgent care centers also provide preventive care without the need for an appointment, so patients can walk in and receive care whenever their schedule is open. But most patients are not sure what types of services are provided under urgent care.

A handful of patients may be surprised to learn that most urgent care centers provide comprehensive care for several types of injuries and illnesses.

So what should patients know about urgent care centers and what are some of the best use cases for urgent care?

Urgent care centers are incredibly useful for injury treatment

An urgent care center is a great way for patients that suffer from minor injuries to receive quick treatment on their own time.

An injury happens at the most unexpected time and is not easy to treat immediately. However, an urgent care center allows a patient to walk into a nearby center and get treatment within minutes.

The types of injuries that urgent care centers treat include bone breaks, sprains, muscle aches, cuts, and bruises. Urgent care staff have the experience and facilities to treat any minor injury on site and then refer to other care specialists as needed.

Seasonal illness symptoms? Urgent care can handle it

Seasonal illnesses like influenza lead to a variety of annoying symptoms including congestion, fever, sneezing, coughing, and the usual gambit of flu-related conditions. Thankfully, urgent care centers provide an easy outlet to get quick treatment and symptom relief.

Most patients can visit an urgent care center when they has contracted a seasonal illness to get symptom relief and coordinate future treatment.  

Urgent care centers also provide treatment and relief for seasonal allergies, skin irritations such as sunburns, and insect bites.

Preventive care is also a specialty of urgent care centers

Not sure about any current healthcare symptoms? Need a to double-check about a new condition? Try scheduling a variety of preventive care services at urgent care centers.

Urgent care centers can perform helpful screenings for a variety of chronic conditions. For example, a patient can visit an urgent care center and get screened for high blood pressure and hypertension, diabetes, and multiple forms of cancer.

Urgent care personnel can perform these screenings to both patients appointment or to walk-in patients.  

Basically, urgent care centers are an excellent resource for patients that need ad-hoc healthcare services for a variety of short-term and preventive care services. Make sure you’re using your nearby urgent care services to their maximum potential!