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Evidence-Based Nutrition Tips to Improve Overall Health

Every time you get online you’re bombarded with nutrition and health advice, but sadly, a lot of that information isn’t reliable. Fad diets and misinformation leads to advice that could actually be doing more harm than good. We’re here to arm you with some nutrition tips that are actually evidence based that you know you can rely on!

Additionally, we’ve provided some basic fitness guidelines as well to help produce the best possible wellness results!

All Calories are not Created Equal

You may think that calories are the same rather they’re in liquid or solid form, but that’s not the case. Liquid calories don’t register as feeling full and satisfied in your brain, leaving you to consume even more calories in actual food. If you’re drinking calories in addition to those that you eat, don’t be surprised when you start piling on the pounds!

Fatty Fish is Healthy

Fatty fish has been recommended by health experts for years and those claims are easily backed by evidence. Fish heavy in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, have many potential health benefits. Your risk for heart disease, dementia, stroke, and even depression goes down simply by consuming fatty fish a few times per week.

Added Sugars Should be Avoided

In today’s world it’s become hard to find foods that don’t contain processed and added sugars. These added sugars may taste good, but they’re doing serious damage to your health. Large amounts of added sugar are shown to harm your metabolism and increase your risk of multiple diseases. If you’re accustomed to added sugars in your diet, you may have to cut them out of your life gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Lifting Weights is Good for You

For years people have seen health as cardio filled exercises. While cardio is important too, it turns out we have been underestimating the importance of lifting. Lifting improves muscle mass which naturally creates a better metabolic state within your body. In addition to the health benefits under the surface, you can enjoy the physical benefits as well!

Mental Health Matters too

We all like to focus on physical health and weight loss, but did you know that poor relationships with those around you could be what’s standing in your way? Healthy relationships with friends and family are proven to create a longer lifespan and healthier physical status.

Take some time to make amends, reconnect, and whatever else you need to do to achieve mental health and positivity!