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How to Motivate Yourself into Healthy Eating Habits

If you’re like many people, you probably aren’t satisfied with your current eating habits. You know you need to improve on them, but the thought of actually doing so just seems so daunting. The key to making successful changes to your eating habits comes from finding the right motivation and we’re happy to help you do that!

Track What You Eat

There’s no better way to motivate positive behavior than by acknowledging negative behavior. To change your eating habits, begin tracking what you eat. You have to be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself if you expect this method to work though. Track every food and drink you have throughout the day. At the end of the day, take a look at the total calories as well as the macro and micronutrient values. You’ll probably be shocked to learn that you’re consuming much more than you thought you were! As you begin to eat healthier you’ll be able to enjoy seeing more positive numbers and figures on the screen thanks to your tracking.

Make it a Game

Eating healthy isn’t inherently fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make it fun! Ask a few friends to join you on your new health journey and turn it into a friendly competition. This competition should include goals, incentives, and penalties just like a real game.

Instead of focusing on eating less carbs, you’re suddenly focused on having better macronutrient figures than your friend from work. Shifting the focus to a game instead of the food itself is a great method for finding success.

Combine Healthy Eating with Exercise

Once you’ve started eating healthier, it’s time to take on the rest of your fitness journey. Begin incorporating light exercise with your new healthy eating habits to kickstart your weight loss and improve focus. If there’s a specific time of day that you’re tempted to have a not so healthy snack, take a walk instead.

Motivating yourself to be healthier isn’t a simple and fast process. It will require constant monitoring and alterations to keep your attention focused on what matters: your health! If you feel yourself getting bored with your healthy eating plan, take a step back and make a change to motivate yourself all over again. Surround yourself with motivating people and before you know it, junk food will be a thing of the past!