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Family Vacation Checklist for a Healthy, Safe Trip!

Family vacations should be a time of enjoyment and building memories together! Even all the cramped car rides, missed turns, and kids fighting in the back seat, your family trip should have plenty of fun and enjoyment to look back on.
Planning a new road trip, family stay, or a similar vacation requires a lot of planning in terms of itinerary, budgeting, and taking the appropriate amount of time necessary to do so. But on top of those priorities, parents will want to ensure that their family is prepared to address any health and safety issues during vacation.
Injuries, illnesses, and other unexpected medical events can happen during your trip, which is an unfortunately reality. However, it is easy to control these events if you take the time to thoughtfully plan out any health risks before your trip:

Do a quick inventory any medications and health devices needed for your trip

Before your trip, make sure that you family members have all the necessary medications and other health devices needed before your trip. Ask your medical provider to see if they can provide a new refill for any prescriptions just for your trip.
Common medical devices to properly refill and stock also includes inhalers for asthmatic, epi-pens for allergic family members, and additional medications.

Review any restaurants, destinations, and other activities for a potential health risk

Reviewing dietary options before your trip is crucial to ensure that you whole family is able to enjoy a particular restaurant. If possible, call in advance to see if there are any dietary options that accommodate any allergies in the family.
It also helps to do some local research on your destination to see if any common dishes or meals offer an allergy-free options for your children or other family members.
On top of restaurants, it also helps to determine if any activities could pose a health risk or trigger a potential medical emergency. Taking the time to consider all options will allow you to plan a safer and healthier trip for your family.

Bring a first aid kit and know how to contact emergency services when possible

During an international trip or a camping trip it is always important to be prepared for a sudden injury or medical event.
Bring a first aid kit with plenty of gauze, antibiotics, emergency medications, and similar needs during your travels. If you’re aboard, it also helps to locate the nearest emergency care provider in the event of a medical emergency. However, a first aid kit can help stabilize an injury or illness until proper medical intervention.