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Coronavirus FAQs for Patients

nCoV-2019, or the coronavirus, is one of the most pressing global health crises in 2020. However, many patients will be relieved to know that coronavirus is not likely to impact them.
The virus was initially spread in Wuhan, China and has since migrated out to other countries including the United States, according to the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO). But the virus spreading to the U.S doesn’t mean that local communities will be infected. This is because federal agencies have taken the time to effectively quarantine the virus and set up protocols that contain infected patients.
Make sure you consult the following questions and answers from AFC Urgent Care Watertown in order to stay accurately informed about coronavirus. Misinformation from social media can cause patients to make potentially dangerous decisions about their overall health.

What is a coronavirus?

Coronavirus is just one specific type of virus that are common in several species of animal that effects the upper respiratory system. The current coronavirus that is worrying global communities is a very rare virus that has spread from contaminated reservoir sources and live animal markets in Wuhan to other parts of China and the world.
Coronavirus symptoms are similar to other respiratory infections like the common cold and flu. Sneezing, cough, fever, and nausea are a few initial symptoms of coronavirus, but patients may experience intense difficulty breathing or sudden asphyxiation if they have coronavirus. However, it is imperative that patients don’t mistake a common infection for coronavirus. 
Like other viruses, nCoV-2019 can spread quickly through airborne transmission as people cough, sneeze, and share public spaces with one another.

How did coronavirus spread to the U.S?

The CDC explains that coronavirus has spread to the United States from international travelers coming back from China. The first major airports to detect patients with corona virus include Seattle-Tacoma International Airport,  John F. Kennedy Airport (New York City), and O’Hare International (Chicago).
TSA staff, CDC officials, and related personnel have contained the virus by screening incoming travelers and keeping them in established quarantine zones such as military bases. Early detection of the coronavirus has contained it within quarantine zones where physicians triage and monitor patients that are exposed to it.

Will I get the coronavirus? What if I have it?

There is a very, very slim chance that residents in local American communities will get the coronavirus. As we mentioned above federal agencies and healthcare organizations are equipped to quarantine and triage patients that are potentially exposed to nCoV-2019.
The virus has not spread into local towns or cities and is closely monitored within distinct quarantine zones. A patient that believes they have the coronavirus due to their travel history should contact an emergency medical provider immediately.
As more updates come out about the coronavirus, make sure you follow them from trusted and local news organizations! The team at AFC Watertown will keep you posted if anything major comes up!